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Emotional freedom Technique


Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Tim Peal and I am a fully qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. I work in a supportive, empathetic and non judgemental way to help you develop better self awareness, self care and understanding of your thoughts, emotions and behaviour.  I am what's known as a Pluralistic Counsellor, this means that I can draw from many theories and approaches to mental health to develop the best way of helping you. I have practices in Bishops Stortford, Braintree, Clare (Suffolk) and Great Saling for face to face sessions. I am also trained and qualified to work on Zoom.
I am a member of the National Counselling society and the National Hypnotherapy society. I am also on the National Counselling Society Childrens and Young Peoples Accredited Counsellors Register. I charge £60 for face to face and Zoom sessions . Sessions last for 50 minutes and are normally booked on a once a week basis.

Support Group


I offer Counselling sessions either face to face at my practices in Bishops Stortford, Braintree  and Great Saling. I am also trained and qualified to offer counselling over zoom. I like to work in a warm and collaborative way. Counselling is a great way of helping people find new ways of thinking about the past and the present. I will help you to develop a  deeper 

understanding of the subconscious thoughts that influence you.


Hypnotherapy is great for helping with so many issues. I find it works best when it is used alongside counselling. The combination can be very effective in developing a better understanding of the mind body connection and how this is effecting our thoughts and emotions.

Looking at the View

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional freedom technique is an amazing therapy that uses a combination of tapping various points on the face and hands, eye movement and affirmations. I use EFT alongside Hypnotherapy and counselling . It is great for managing pain, anxiety, stress and many other issues that affect all of us at some time in our lives. 

Hand Embrace
Lone Walk

Working with Children and Young People

12-18 years old

 I am accredited by The National Counselling Society as a Children and Young Peoples Counsellor . This is an area of my work that I feel is so important. Early intervention is vital in addressing issues that affect children and young people. We know that talking about such issues as eating disorders, self harm, anxiety, bullying and many more, can really help young people as they progress through life. I have worked with a local student referral unit helping teenagers with challenging behaviour to successfully transition from School to work, I have also worked as a Secondary School Counsellor and Children's Rugby Coach. In all of these situations, my aim has always been to help the young person to become the best version of themselves that they can be. In addition to my counselling qualifications, I have completed additional training in working with eating disorders in the young along with working with adolescents .

I am pleased to offer face to face counselling to secondary school aged children and Young People at my Braintree, Clare , Great Saling and Bishops Stortford Practice Locations.

Relief from chronic or longterm pain

Are you suffering from long term pain, nerve damage or Chronic Pain ? Many types of pain may respond  well to talking therapies. I have developed a combined approach which includes Pain Reprocessing Therapy , Hypnotherapy, EFT  and Counselling to reduce the painful effects of many physical  problems. I always recommend that  clients suffering any pain consult their GP prior to seeing me.

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ASD badge.png
Autism Spectrum Disorder 

I find working with Adults and Children who have either been diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum Disorder, or may suspect that they are on this spectrum, a constant learning experience. The saying that when you have met one person with ASD you have met one person with ASD is reinforced with every new client I work with. I meet many people who suspect that they are "on the spectrum" but have not been diagnosed. I should point out that I am not qualified to make that diagnosis, but I have trained to work with people who have this unique and special difference in how their brains work. I have worked with people who have hyper sensitivity to certain foods, sounds, textures or social environments. A lot of the work I do is to find what makes a person feel unsafe, or what triggers a reaction that they find unhelpful. This could be anything that causes them to feel anxious or angry .  Understanding this may lead to realising why they behave in a certain way.  Once we have learned as much as we can, we start to work on how to either manage or reduce this reaction or behaviour.  Working with people with ASD, requires an understanding that behavioural triggers could be from any of their senses. These reactions can be either a Hyper reaction which is like an over reaction or a Hypo reaction which is like an under reaction.

In most cases the work I do with clients is a combination of looking at what us happening in the present along with what has happened to them in the past. This allows us to build an understanding of their behavioural responses and how to develop new ways of thinking and reacting .

Other Counsellors I know and trust.

Having decided you need to look for a counsellor, the task of finding the best counsellor for your needs can be incredibly daunting. This is why I have included  links to three of my colleagues. These are counsellors that I studied with and who I know and trust. Obviously I would prefer it if you contact me,  but I also understand that what I offer, may not be what you are looking for. We all want to help you to towards your therapy goals. So, if , having looked at my website you

are not sure, here are three other great Counsellors who might be able to help.

Listed below are just a few of the issues I can help with
Abuse – Emotional, Physical, Sexual
Addiction (e.g. Alcohol, Computer games, Drugs, Food, Gambling, Sex, Smoking)
Ageing and related issues
Anger Management
Assertiveness / Self-confidence / Self-esteem
Bereavement / Loss
Children / teenagers
Chronic fatigue syndrome / M.E.
Cultural issues
Divorce & Separation
Driving tests
Eating disorders
Emotional issues
Financial difficulties
Gender identity
Generally unhappy with your life
IBS / Digestive Issues
Illness and dying
Immune system support
Job interviews
Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
Panic attacks
Parenting skills
Public speaking: stage fright
Self-defeating behaviours
Sexuality Identity
Shyness / Social Phobia
Sporting performance
Start exercising
Stop smoking
Suicidal feelings
Violence / Victim support
Young people and children


What Some Recent Clients Have Said

After several years years of Hip and joint pain and following a referral to a pain management clinic, which didnt help at all, a friend suggested I see Tim to see if he could help. Well he could and he did.

I was feeling pretty desperate by this time and his calm and relaxing  way of working with my pain was very effective. I am not 100% pain free, but so much better than I was, and with my Doctors permission, I am off the pain relief medication, which I have been taking for years. Thankyou Tim 

 J B 

I was feeling incredibly low, myself self esteem had never been lower and I really wasn't myself. Nobody and nothing could help which was a really depressing situation. Fate, luck, whatever intervened and I decided to see if Tim could help.Our sessions were a mix of Counselling and Hypnotherapy. He was able to help me straight away. After a few sessions I felt like my old self again, but in many ways an improvement. I can't recommend Tim enough.


in my life, I have had so much self doubt. The sessions with Tim have helped me to realise that I don't need to change into someone or something else. I have learned not to judge myself for my thoughts and feelings but to develop my self acceptance. I have had many counsellors over the years, but somehow with Tim, it resonated in a deeper level.
Tim will affect many peoples lives in a positive way; as he has affected mine.


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